Saturday, March 8, 2014

Announcing the Artsits for House Games 2014

This year the House Games exhibition revolves around material aspects of the home; objects and the physical space that is home.

Our Artists in this year's exhibition are:

Tiina Ekosaari
György Gáti
Ozana Gherman
Rina Liddle
Leila Lipiainen
Adrien Millet
Tímea Mucsi & Anni
John Mutter
Paula Myllymäki
Lynn Price
Sandra Rechico
Riiko Sakkinen
 (Plus a few other artists and performers with whom we are still in negotiation.)

In the meantime, we will busy ourselves with moving into the new House Games space!

Puistokatu, Jyväskylä.  photo: Juho Jäppinen

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