Monday, February 21, 2011

House Games 2011 Programme

Surprises may still occur. Please check the programme again to make sure the evening of your choice has not been modified.

Sunday the 6th  4 – 7 pm
The opening. Artists Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi, Maija Kovari, Elina Katara, Minja Revonkorpi and Kaisa Lipponen will be present to discuss their work. Refreshments will be served.

Monday the 7th 5 –7pm
Music Lover's Night: Henri Lindström will record Colin Woodford's new composition. Everyone is welcome to listen, hear, eavesdrop, participate and/or perform!

Tuesday the 8th, 5–7pm
International Women's day. Café Kanelitanko will be serving from the House Games Kitchen: come support this small local bakery and enjoy a special women's day treat. Coffee and tea are on the house.

Wednesday the 9th 5 –7pm
Kaisa Lipponen's Supperbreakfast - an interactive dinner party live from Jyväskylä, Vancouver and Budapest. Participating artists are Kaisa Lipponen, Rina Liddle and György Gáti.

Thursday the 10th 5 –7pm
The exhibition is open to the public. Tea and Coffee are offered by House Games.

Friday the 11th, 5–7pm.
Radio Hear transports Bar Vakiopaine's soundscape live, directly into House Games: come enjoy sounds of the bar directly from our living room.

Saturday the 12th, 5–7pm
Live Herring guest: Timo Wright will be present to disclose the secrets of his project...

Sunday the 13th, 5:30pm and 6:30pm
The Off/Balance Dance-group will perform an abridged and adapted version of their up and coming perfromance: Kynnyksellä. 15 viewers/show only! Reservations can be made to:
the exhibition is otherwise open from 5-7pm.

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